Adventures in Imagination

The art, writing and life of an eternally curious adventurer

Curiosity is one of our most important gifts. Through curiosity we are driven to seek knowledge and experience, and by following its path we illuminate the darkness, and reveal the magic beneath the seemingly mundane. My curiosity drives me to explore worlds of imagination, magic and adventure, and I document these adventures through my art, writing, and research. Join me on my journey to discover these worlds!

Kirstin Mills

Art & Illustration

To believe is to see - adventures in magic and faery

Enter worlds of magic and imagination through intricate and detailed art and illustration.

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Research & Writing

The magic of Victorian Literature & History

“[S]ometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

From Gothic ghosts and Victorian seances to dream visions and adventures in Wonderland, Kirstin’s research and writing explores the wonder and magic of literature and culture in the tumultuous, exciting Nineteenth Century. Uncovering the magic and mysteries behind many of our favourite tales, Kirstin’s work charts new ground into this fascinating area of study.

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Exploring the World in Wanderlust

Kirstin is inspired by the wild and untamed beauty of nature, and her curiosity often drives her to seek adventure and new experiences through travelling the world. Often drawn to places with a magical, spiritual, or literary connection, Kirstin documents her travels on her blog, which offers a glimpse into the inspiration behind her art and writing.

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